Hey Zuckerberg: Your Facebook (insert pejorative term here)

You are probably not reading this on Facebook, at least not initially.

I was suspended from Facebook due to what the left-wing millennial idiots who run Facebook considered a photo that violates its community standards, despite the fact that I didn’t post that photo. The photo was on this blog Sunday. That meant that, for 24 hours, I was unable to access Facebook for my various roles as blogger, newspaper editor, church member or anything else.

That photo, which relates to a day in music history (which means it comes up yearly), has never been flagged before this. The photo could be described as PG-13. It was good enough for a record company to use on Jimi Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland” album cover, though (which was the point of the Presty the DJ entry). I would say that it shows less than other photos on Facebook, except that it might make the reader think I troll Facebook for porn when I do not. (However, remember what Avenue Q says about the Internet.)

Time.com produced a list two years ago of things that it claims can’t be posted on Facebook. At least three of the four are demonstrably false assertions. As conservatives on Facebook know, Facebook violates its own rules, refuses to allow posts that criticize Facebook, allows posts of hate speech as long as the speech is targeted at whites (so does Twitter and YouTube), allows online harassmentbans conservative posts (and others), violates its users’ privacy, believes that statements of a president of the United States should be considered hate speech, and violates the principles of free speech in wildly inconsistent ways. And one of Facebook’s new targets appears to be me.

I am unaware of any successful business model that produces satisfactory financial results by alienating one-third of its target audience. (Assuming that liberals, moderates and conservatives are in roughly equal numbers in the U.S.) Unfortunately the middle school detention room that is social media does not have alternatives for Facebook and Twitter that anyone reads. That may make liberals happy, though it should not, because the censors could be coming for them next.

There is Gab, which describes itself as “a social network that champions free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of information online. All are welcome.” I’m going to see if I know anyone there.

My suggestion to those who read this blog on Facebook is to click on the subscription link so it can be delivered to your email more reliably than the U.S. Postal Service each day, not just on days that are not government-employee holidays. My suggestion to Facebook might get me not just permanently banned, but visited by the police, since the former clearly doesn’t believe in free speech and the latter sometimes considers words to be threats.



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