Presty the DJ for June 24

Proving that there is no accounting for taste, I present the number six song today in 1972:

Twenty years later, Billy Joel got an honorary diploma … from Hicksville High School in New York (where he attended but was one English credit short of graduating due to oversleeping the day of the final):

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Presty the DJ for June 22

Today in 1959, along came Jones to peak at number nine:

Today in 1968, here came the Judge to peak at number 88:

Today in 1985, Glenn Frey may have felt the “Smuggler’s Blues” because it peaked at number 12:

Birthdays start with Howard Kaylan of the Turtles:

Todd Rundgren (the last selection a song that Packer fans know when they hear it at Lambeau Field, something good is guaranteed to happen):

Larry Junstrom,  bass player for .38 Special …

… was born the same day as Gary Moffet of April Wine:

Derek Forbes of Simple Minds:

Garry Beers of INXS:

Mike Edwards of Jesus Jones:

Presty the DJ for June 16

Dueling ex-Beatles today: In 1978, one year after the play “Beatlemania” opened on Broadway, Ringo Starr released his “Bad Boy” album, while Paul McCartney and Wings released “I’ve Had Enough”:

The number six song one year later (with no known connection to Mr. Spock):

Stop! for the number eight single today in 1990 …

… which bears an interesting resemblance to an earlier song:

Put the two together, and you get …

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