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Presty the DJ for June 16

Dueling ex-Beatles today: In 1978, one year after the play “Beatlemania” opened on Broadway, Ringo Starr released his “Bad Boy” album, while Paul McCartney and Wings released “I’ve Had Enough”:

The number six song one year later (with no known connection to Mr. Spock):

Stop! for the number eight single today in 1990 …

… which bears an interesting resemblance to an earlier song:

Put the two together, and you get …

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Presty the DJ for June 11

Today in 1964, one day after the Rolling Stones recorded their “12×5” album in Chicago, Chicago police broke up their news conference. (Perhaps foreshadowing four years later when the Democratic Party came to town?)

The Stones could look back at that and laugh two years later when “Paint It Black” hit number one:

One year later, David Bowie released “Space Oddity” …

… on the same day that this reached number one in Great Britain:

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