The thoughts of a 24-year media professional, husband, father, libertarian/conservative, Christian, Eagle Scout, Packer fan, and aficionado of collector cars (especially Corvettes, really large cars and station wagons) and obscure rock music, particularly brass rock. Occasional pontificator on WTMJ-TV’s “Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes,” Wisconsin Public Radio’s Joy Cardin program, and generally wherever else I’m asked.


7 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Mr. Prestegard,

    As a conservative Republican from Minnesota, I do listen to public radio often to find out what they are talking about. I caught you on Joy Cardin’s show on May 24 and had to laugh. She asked you a couple of questions, you responded and she had no comeback at all. Joy was uncharacteristically at a loss for words after your conservative comments. Way to go! It is so unusual to hear any guest or host on public radio espouse a Republican position on anything. And to think our tax dollars are supporting them.

  2. I, too, am of Norwegian descent, with my family having lived at Prestekvern in Ringsaker.

    On Joy Cardin’s call-in show today (15 Aug 2013), a caller suggested that a flat tax be placed on wealth, versus having a state income tax.

    In some countries, the wealth tax is placed on all wealth, not just physical things like the house, car and furniture, but also on bank assets and investments in stocks, bonds, etc.

    In Norway, the data on people’s income, their wealth and their taxes is made public and can be both easily found on the Internet and is published by local newspapers.

    Incidentally, Norway has a very high tax rate, yet is consistently ranked as having one of the highest qualities of life.

  3. Steve, I LOVED your piece on the Championship team from 82, were did you get the video of the game. I would love to find the video from our championship run in 1977, if you have any idea’s let me know.

  4. Thank you for a trip down memory lane! I grew up on the northeast side of Madison and went to Lindbergh and Gompers schools before going to Queen of Apostles High School and graduating in the 1976 graduating class. One fond memory of East Towne not mentioned was the Backstage restaurant. The Oscar drink rivaled the swampwaters anywhere in town..

  5. #JoyCardinShow

    Heads will spin when listening to political purists. After listening to you on the Joy Cardin Show, it sounds like most Republicans and Democrats cannot see the many common goals for government. When government officials cherry pick job numbers, they sound rather Machiavellian and insincere. Looking at the job statistics, Walker or Doyle or Barrett or Thompson would have had nearly the same unemployment numbers. Why? It’s a global and national economy. Simple as that.

    Typically a pundit loses credibility when they revert to sarcasm. Your comments today were quite sarcastic. Maybe you could work on lessening your reliance on this device. That said, my perspective is leans Republican-Independent-Libertarian. This year I’m voting as an independent. As soon as someone says they’re independent, right wingers typically hit me with angry, derisive sarcasm. I really dislike this aspect of GOP backers. To a lesser extent, the Dems do the same. Hey, I could vote for Walker. I could vote for Burke. One thing is sure, I will vote.

    Thank you for your participation on the Joy Cardin Show this morning. It helps an independent decide who has the better plans for the common good in Wisconsin.

  6. You were on the Joy Cardin show on Friday and talked about how cheap college was when you went to school and how expensive it now is (for which lamed the Univ of Wisconsin system).

    I can way top your story.

    I went to the UW in Milwaukee in the mid-60’s and early 70’s. Tuition was $162.50 a semester at the start, and, even earning just $2.50 an hour in the summer, I could earn enough in a month to pay a full year’s tuition.

    Today, my niece, born and going to school in Arizona, has a debt of $42,000 after 3 years, very similar to what is going on for students today.

    Part of that is due to states contributing far less a percentage of tuition costs than what they used to do, whether in Wisconsin or Arizona. I currently attend Madison College, (I am in my mid 60’s and love to learn!), and hear from the other students the incredible debt that they have even there.

    On the other hand, I went to the University of Oslo about 15 years ago, and, once I was accepted, there was no tuition, either for me, or any students.

    I think that a college education is a right, just like good health care.

    I would very much in favor of paying higher taxes to eliminate college tuition for all for enough credits to get a bachelor’ degree. I strongly support the President’s proposal for 2 years free at community colleges, but feel that it needs to go further.

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