Xenophobic Democrats

Jerry Bader brings up modern Democratic racism:

Here is how the Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines “xenophobe:”

one unduly fearful of what is foreign and especially of people of foreign origin.

Merriam-Webster may want to consider including the Democratic Party of Wisconsin logo with that definition. In response to Governor Scott Walker’s Monday signing of the Foxconn incentive package, a quartet of democratic legislative leadership issued a news release criticizing the deal. It appears the group didn’t want anyone to miss the fact that Foxconn is a “foreign corporation.” the phrase is used seven times in the release:

  • giveaway to a foreign corporation (par. 1)
  • $3 billion in cash payments to a foreign corporation (par. 2)
  • special loopholes for a foreign corporation (par. 2)
  • second fiddle to a foreign corporation (par. 3)
  • Giving $3 billion to a foreign corporation (par.4)
  • a foreign corporation ties the hands (par. 5)
  • offered to a foreign corporation (par. 6)

That’s one mention for each paragraph with a bonus second mention in paragraph two. You can read the release here: Senate Dem Leadership release – Statement on Foxconn Signing 9.18.17

Meanwhile, the liberal group One Wisconsin Now joined in on the fear of foreigners fest. While OWN’s statement includes a mere three uses of the word “foreign,” they also exhibit a fear of people from a strange and mysterious land to Wisconsin’s south:

There is nothing in the proposal that guarantees that workers in the new plant come from Wisconsin, meaning taxpayers will be subsidizing jobs for workers from Illinois and other states.

Of course, it’s entirely possible and indeed likely that out of state residents would relocate to Wisconsin to take Foxconn jobs; especially if they come from a state that doesn’t border Wisconsin. While an influx of residents to Wisconsin is and of itself a good thing, there is evidence that the Foxconn development will benefit the entire state. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that business leaders upstate, including the La Crosse and Wausau areas expect the ripple effect of Foxconn on the state economy to benefit residents in their region.

Perhaps Wisconsin Democrats will next take aim at restaurants that serve French wine and Russian caviar.

The left has used the “foreign corporation” “Taiwanese company” and “Chinese economics” narratives to argue against the state doing business with Foxconn. Democrats have argued the deal is a bad one for the state. But they also plan on running against Governor Scott Walker’s jobs record in 2018, which gives them an ulterior motive to oppose Foxconn.

Walker signed the $3 billion incentive package into law a Gateway Technical College in Racine County Monday, where the $10 billion Foxconn facility is expected to be located.

James Wigderson adds:

Since the deal with Foxconn was announced by Governor Scott Walker, Democrats have been running around complaining about a Chinese company getting a subsidy from the state of Wisconsin. (Actually, the company is Taiwanese.) They’re complaining about China more than President Donald Trump did during the 2016 campaign. …

We’ve already commented on the odd opposition to Asians by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers, the state Superintendent of Public Instruction. If the Democrats have a problem with foreigners, specifically Asians, perhaps they should just say so. Asian American voters would probably like to know if the Democrats are still the party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his internment camps.

Because judging from the anti-foreigner rhetoric, Wisconsin Democrats would be thrilled to give $3 billion in incentives away to a corporation as long as it’s incorporated within the United States. It’s just the color of the skin of the executives at Foxconn that has the Democrats upset.

Oh wait, Democrats don’t like workers in Illinois, either. They’re suddenly concerned that large manufacturing facilities too close to the Illinois border might attract the wrong element. We’re not sure what that wrong element from Illinois might be, Cubs fans?

Have the Democrats been to Janesville lately, or Lake Geneva? There are Cubs fans wearing team jerseys everywhere. If we were going to build a wall on the state line, apparently something the Democrats now favor, it’s too late. Chicago-style hot dogs are now regular fare in most Wisconsin cities.

Perhaps would be happy if we created a 100-mile economic exclusion zone along the border with Illinois preventing any economic activity in the region so people from Illinois couldn’t get jobs in Wisconsin. Presumably 100 miles should be enough to deter all but the most die-hard commuters. While we’re at it, we can tear up the Amtrak tracks coming north from Chicago, too.

Of course, Democrats weren’t worried about those annoying people from Illinois invading our state when General Motors in Janesville was temporarily bailed out under President George Bush and President Barack Obama (the plant closed anyway). Nor did Democrats object to Illinois workers possibly benefitting when former Governor Jim Doyle, also a Democrat, offered General Motors $200 million in incentives to build a new factory in Janesville in 2009 (it didn’t work).

And when Amazon built in Kenosha, keeping out fans of the Chicago Bears wasn’t an issue then, either. But then, General Motors and Amazon are American companies. If Toyota or Hyundai wants to build another auto plant in Janesville or Kenosha, then the Democrats are ready to keep the foreigners out.

I also wonder how many Democrats opposed Gov. James Doyle’s incentive package for Marinette Marine, owned by an Italian company.

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