Tonight’s dinner plans

The Wisconsin Alumni Association is planning its annual Alumni Weekend April 27–28.

In keeping, I guess, with the Wisconsin Idea, that the University of Wisconsin’s boundaries are the boundaries of the state, the WAA plans a fish fry.

The WAA further whets your appetite for their fish fry by showing off everything you’d ever want to know about the Wisconsin fish fry:

According to the WAA, the thousands of fish fries statewide tonight combine the best traditions of our immigrant heritage, our specifically German heritage, our state’s Catholic heritage, and our state’s civil disobedience to the idiotic idea called Prohibition. (The latter is a bit ironic, since Prohibition was a byproduct of the Progressive Era, something progressives usually decline to remember or point out.)

Other than our honeymoon, which included the 8-foot-long 115-pound marlin that now adorns our living room wall, I have rarely fished, but I have always eaten fish. Having southwest Wisconsin relatives means we now occasionally get supplied with fish caught on the Mississippi River backwaters this time of year. I don’t see the appeal of ice fishing, but I certainly enjoy its results. I’ve also eaten shrimp ever since a family vacation to the Forest County Butternut Lake and the restaurant next door to our cabin. (I avoid the Christmas in-law tradition of oyster stew, however.)

The only thing I’d quibble about in this graphic is the mention of the beer to the exclusion of other adult beverages, specifically the official mixed drink of Wisconsin, the brandy old fashioned.

This does not, by the way, make me more inclined to go to Alumni Weekend, seeing as how I’m the only UW alum in the house. But it does help tonight’s dinner plans.

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