Rusty the phony maverick returns

Kevin Binversie writes about Senator for Life Russ Feingold: What a difference six years makes. Facing defeat squarely in the eye in 2010, Russ Feingold and “progressive” commentators did all they could to stave off political oblivion. One of the most curious, was embracing a narrative that the “Middleton Maverick” was as “Tea Party” as […]

The post-Journal Communications world

What was left of Journal Communications died last week when regulators approved the purchase of Journal Media Group, the print arm of the late Journal Communications, by Gannett, the biggest newspaper owner in the country. Two years ago the Journal “merger” with Scripps split Journal’s broadcast and print properties, and now Gannett’s purchase ends what […]

Advice to Democrats from a liberal

The liberal is the founder of Blue Jean Nation: Another election, another round of venting and fuming about stupid, unthinking people voting against their own interests. You ask for the umpteenth time how long will it take for them to wake up and see they are being sold down the river. I have different questions […]

Wisconsin’s dump of Trump

Christian Schneider on The Donald: Up until this week, Trump had been a tsunami, gathering size and strength as he moved closer to the Republican nomination. A Trump nomination would drown the party’s chances of winning the presidency, keeping the U.S. Senate and could even put Republicans’ historic majority in the U.S. House in play. Clinton […]

The April 5 Demodisaster

On Friday, my opponent on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Joy Cardin (or substitute host) Week in Review predicted, among other things, that Hillary Clinton (for whom she apparently is an official representative, whatever that means) would win the Wisconsin Democratic presidential primary and Joanne Kloppenburg would be elected to the state Supreme Court, while claiming that […]

Looney Tune La Follette

Actually, my headline is an insult to the art form known as Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons. A thousand apologies. And Secretary of State Douglas La Follette owes Wisconsinites at least 1,000 apologies for what Media Trackers reports: The current Wisconsin Secretary of State, Doug La Follette, has written a book titled Survival Handbook: […]

Talk radio vs. Trump

As a former panelist on “Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes,” now that the New York Times has written about Sykes I guess I can say I knew him when, or more accurately before: Charlie Sykes, a popular talk radio host here and leader of the “Stop Trump” movement, had spent months hammering Donald J. Trump […]