Presty the DJ for March 13

The number one single on both sides of the Atlantic today in 1960:

Today in 1965, Eric Clapton quit the Yardbirds because he wanted to continue playing the blues, while the other members wanted to sell records, as in …

The number one single today in 1965:

Today in 1967, the Beatles hired Sounds, Inc. for horn work:

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Presty the DJ for March 12

The number one single today in 1966 (which means that it predated the movie by two years):

The Beatles had an interesting day today in 1969. Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman …

… while George Harrison and wife Patti Boyd were arrested on charges of possessing 120 marijuana joints.

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Presty the DJ for March 10

Today in 1956, RCA records purchased a half-page ad in that week’s Billboard magazine claiming that Elvis Presley was …

Ordinarily, if you have to tell someone something like that, the ad probably doesn’t measure up to the standards of accuracy. This one time, the hype was accurate.

Today in 1960, Britain’s Record Retailer printed the country’s first Extended Play and LP chart. Number one on the EP chart:

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Presty the DJ for March 9

Today in 1963, the Beatles appeared in a concert at the East Ham Granada in London … as third billing after Tommy Roe and Chris Montez.

Today in 1964, Capitol Records released the Four Preps’ “Letter to the Beatles.”

The song started at number 85. And then Capitol withdrew the song to avoid a lawsuit because the song included a bit of “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”

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Presty the DJ for March 8

Today in 1965, Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” was released. Other than the run-on nature of the lyrics, the song was one of the first to have an accompanying “promo film,” now known as a “music video”:

Today in 1971, Radio Hanoi played the Star Spangled Banner, presumably not as a compliment:

Today in 1973, Paul McCartney was fined £100 for growing marijuana at his farm in Campbelltown, Scotland.

McCartney’s excuse was that he didn’t know the seeds he claimed to have been given would actually grow.

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Presty the DJ for March 6

The number one British album today in 1965 was “The Rolling Stones No. 2”:

The number one single today in 1965:

Today in 1970, an album was released to pay for the defense in a California murder trial.

You didn’t know Charles Manson was a recording “artist,” did you?

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This makes me smile

As I wrote here last week, I have practically overdosed on high school and college sports on the radio this winter.

Last week, I announced six games. The previous week, I announced five games and then an entire day of high school wrestling.

I thought I was done with high school sports, until I was assigned to do something I have never done before — an Illinois high school boys supersectional game between East Dubuque and Chicago’s Providence–St. Mel, which you can hear yourself at 5:45 Central time on

While doing a little research on East Dubuque’s opponent, I found a list of Providence–St. Mel’s famous alumni, which includes Lee Loughname, trumpet player for my favorite rock group, Chicago.

As you can imagine, this news does …

… and makes me think of other songs of Chicago’s that have been used as sports bumpers, or should have been: