Presty the DJ for May 20

Today in 1966, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of The Who decided to replace for the evening the tardy drummer Keith Moon and bass player John Entwistle with the bass player and drummer of the band that played before them at the Ricky Tick Club in Windsor, England.

When Moon and Entwistle arrived and found they had been substituted for, a fight broke out. Moon and Entwistle quit … for a week.

The number one single today in 1967:

Today in 1967, the BBC’s “Where It’s At” featured a preview of the Beatles’ new album, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

The show didn’t include the song the Beeb banned due to its alleged drug references:

Today in 1969, Chicago’s Peter Cetera was watching a baseball game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles when four Marines decided they didn’t like the length of his hair.

The subsequent broken jaw forced Cetera to learn how to sing without opening his mouth very far.

The number one single today in 1978:

Birthdays start with soul singer Shorty Long, who warned people that …

Who is Jill Jackson? She was the Paula of Paul and Paula, the former of whom (whose real name wasn’t Paul either) sang to her:

Joe Cocker did one of the best covers of all time, a song so nice he covered it twice (with Leon Russell on piano):

Cherilyn Sarkisian, better known as Cher:

One wonders if James Henderson, lead singer of Black Oak Arkansas, was Jim Dandy to the rescue:

Mr. Mister keyboard player Steve George:

Oconomowoc native Jane Wiedlin, guitarist for the Go-Gos:

Today is the birthday (in separate years) of John and Susan Cowsill of the Cowsills:

John Cowsill also played drums on this ’80s one-hit wonder:

Brian Nash played guitar for Frankie Goes to Hollywood:


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