Presty the DJ for April 13

You might think the number one British single today in 1967 is …

The number one single today in 1974:

Today in 1980, Grease was no longer the word: The musical closed in New York, after 3,883 performances.

The number one single today in 1985 has too many artists to list:

Birthdays begin with Lester Chambers, vocalist for the Chambers Brothers:

The writer of one of the best movie themes of all time, Bill Conti:

Bassist Jack Casady of the Jefferson Airplane:

Singer and guitarist Lowell George of Little Feat:

Al Green:

Bruce Springsteen’s drummer and Conan O’Brien’s first band leader, Max Weinberg:

Blondie’s keyboard player, Jimmy Destri:

One of the Brothers Johnson, Louis:

Marc Ford of the Black Crowes:

Lou Bega (earworm alert):

And would you believe: Happy birthday to Maxwell Smart.



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