Presty the DJ for Jan. 10

The number one British single today in 1957 was the same single as the previous week …

… though performed by a different act:

The number one British single today in 1958:

The number one album for the fifth consecutive week today in 1976 was “Chicago IX,” which was actually “Chicago’s Greatest Hits”:

John Lennon had three songs in the British top five, including number one, today in 1981, a month after his death:

Birthdays today begin with Ronnie Hawkins, whose band, the Hawks, was the precursor to The Band:

Jim Croce:

Rod Stewart:

Aynsley Dunbar played drums for a lot of acts:

Bob Lang of Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders:

Neal Smith played drums for Alice Cooper:

Donald Fagen of Steely Dan:

Pat Benatar:

Luci Martin of Chic:

Shawn Colvin:

Matt Roberts of Three Doors Down:


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