Presty the DJ for Dec. 9

Imagine having the opportunity to see Johnny Cash, with Elvis Presley his opening act, in concert at a high school. The concert was at Arkansas High School in Swifton, Ark., today in 1955.

Today in 1961, the Beatles played a concert at the Palais Ballroom in Aldershot, Great Britain. Because the local newspaper wouldn’t accept the promoter’s check for advertising, the concert wasn’t publicized, and attendance totaled 18.

After the concert, the Beatles reportedly were ordered out of town by local police due to their rowdiness.

That, however, doesn’t compare to what happened in New Haven, Conn., today in 1967. Before the Doors concert in the New Haven Arena, a policeman discovered singer Jim Morrison making out in a backstage shower with an 18-year-old girl.

The officer, unaware that he had discovered the lead singer of the concert, told Morrison and the woman to leave. After an argument, in which Morrison told the officer to “eat it,” the officer sprayed Morrison and his new friend with Mace. The concert was delayed one hour while Morrison recovered.

Halfway through the first set, Morrison decided to express his opinion about the New Haven police, daring them to arrest him. They did, on charges of inciting a riot, public obscenity and decency. The charges were later dropped for lack of evidence.

The number one album today in 1972 was the Moody Blues’ “Seventh Sojourn”:

The number one single today in 1978:

Today in 1988, a poll was released on the subject of the best background music for sex. Number three was Luther Vandross …

… number two was Beethoven …

… and number one was Neil Diamond.

Neil Diamond?

The number one single today in 1989:

Today in 2003, Ozzy Osbourne crashed his ATV at his home, breaking his collarbone, eight ribs and a vertebra in his neck.

Birthdays begin with Sam Strain of the Imperials and the O’Jays:

Joan Armatrading:

Jack Sonni of Dire Straits:

Nick Seymour played bass for Crowded House:

Jakob Dylan of the Wallflowers:

Zak Foley of EMF, a fact you may find …


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