Presty the DJ for Nov. 26

Today in 1967, the Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye” promotional film (now called a “video”) was shown on CBS-TV’s Ed Sullivan Show. It was not shown in Britain because of a musicians’ union ban on miming:

One death of odd note, today in 1973: John Rostill, former bass player with the Shadows (with which Cliff Richard got his start), was electrocuted in his home recording studio. A newspaper headline read: “Pop musician dies; guitar apparent cause.”

The number one album today in 1994 was the Eagles’ “Hell Freezes Over”:

The number one album today in 2000 was the Beatles’ “One”:

Birthdays begin with Tina Turner:

John McVie of Fleetwood Mac …

… was born one year before Burt Reiter, who played bass for Focus:

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