Why Democrats don’t talk about the great economy

Jim Geraghty:

In an image right out of a Republican ad-maker’s dreams, this weekend President Biden went to a Baskin-Robbins in Portland, Ore., and, while eating an ice-cream cone, declared, “Our economy is strong as hell.” Biden’s rosy-eyed assessment came just days after updated figures showed the inflation rate at 8.2 percent.

As luck would have it, back in March, folks on the right created a meme of Biden licking an ice-cream cone and telling someone who can’t afford food or gas, “Best economic recovery in history, Jack!”

This weekend brought two national polls focusing on the midterms, and while the topline numbers are good for Republicans, let’s home in on how Americans currently feel about the economy, in light of Biden’s claim that it is “strong as hell.”


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