Presty the DJ for Oct. 8

The number one song today in 1955 …

… not to be confused with …

… or …

The number one British song (which is not from Britain) today in 1964:

Today in 1971, John Lennon released his “Imagine” album:

The number one British single today in 1977 got virtually no American airplay despite its singer:

Birthdays start with Doc Green, the first deep voice of the Drifters:

George Bellamy played guitar for the Tornadoes:

Butch Rillera of Redbone …

… was born the same day as guitarist Ray Royer of Procol Harum:

Tony Wilson of Hot Chocolate:

Who is John Cummings? You knew him as Joey Ramone:

Hamish Stewart of the Average White Band:

Robert Bell was the “Kool” of Kool and the Gang:


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