Presty the DJ for Oct. 3

We begin with this unusual event: Today in 1978, the members of Aerosmith bailed out 30 of their fans who were arrested at their concert in Fort Wayne, Ind., for smoking marijuana:

Britain’s number one single today in 1987:

Today in 1992 on NBC-TV’s “Saturday Night Live,” Sinead O’Connor torpedoed her own career:

The number one British album today in 1999 was Tom Jones’ “Reload,” which made Jones the oldest performer ever to have a number one album with new material:

Birthdays begin with Eddie Cochran:

Who is Ernest Evans? You know him better as Chubby Checker:

Victor Martinez of Los Bravos:

Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac:

Ronnie Laws played saxophone for Earth Wind & Fire:

Jack Grondin was one of .38 Special’s two drummers:

Stevie Ray Vaughan:

Gwen Stefani, no doubt:

One death of note: Benjamin Orr of the Cars died of cancer today in 2000:


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