Presty the DJ for Sept. 17

Today in 1931, RCA Victor began selling record players that would play not just 78s, but 33⅓-rpm albums too.

Today in 1956, the BBC banned Bill Haley and the Comets’ “Rockin’ Through the Rye” on the grounds that the Comets’ recording of an 18th-century Scottish folk song went against “traditional British standards”:

(It’s worth noting on Constitution Day that we Americans have a Constitution that includes a Bill of Rights, and we don’t have a national broadcaster to ban music on spurious standards. Britain lacks all of those.)

Today in 1964, the Beatles were paid an unbelievable $150,000 for a concert in Kansas City, the tickets for which were $4.50.

Today in 1967, the Doors made their first and last appearance on CBS-TV’s “Ed Sullivan Show,” because Doors lead singer reneged on his promise to not sing “Girl we couldn’t get much higher” on “Light My Fire”:

(At least the Doors didn’t play the album cut instead of the single cut, which would have sucked up four additional minutes of live airtime.)

Backstage, the show’s producer was furious and told the band “Mr. Sullivan wanted you for six more shows, but you’ll never work The Ed Sullivan Show again.” To which Morrison purportedly replied, “Hey, man.  We just did the Sullivan show.”

Today in 1969, media breathlessly reported the death of Beatle Paul McCartney, who had been killed in a car accident in November 1966 and been replaced by a double for public appearances. This came as news to McCartney, who was vacationing with his girlfriend at the time.

Today in 1983, Paul Young’s first album, “No Parlez,” reached number one in Britain:

Birthdays begin with Hank Williams:

Jeanine Deckers was the Singing Nun (and if you criticize this song, you’re probably going to Hell):

Jim Hodder was the first drummer for Steely Dan:

Lamonte McLemore was an original Fifth Dimension:

Fee Waybill led the Tubes:


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