Presty the DJ for Sept. 11

Today in 1956, London police were called to break up a crowd of teenagers after the showing of the film “Rock around the Clock” at the Trocadero Cinema.

That prompted a letter to the editor in the Sept. 12, 1956 London Times:

The hypnotic rhythm and the wild gestures have a maddening effect on a rhythm loving age group and the result of its impact is the relaxing of all self control.

The British demonstrated their lack of First Amendment by banning the film in several cities.

The Beatles had the number one album today in 1965 thanks to the help of record-buyers:

The Beatles had the number one U.K. single three years later:

The number one single today in 1976:

The number one single today in 1982:

Today in 1987, Peter Gabriel won several MTV Video Music Awards for …

The anniversary everyone knows about today (more on that later) has one music link. Comic book illustrator Gerard Way was walking to work in New York when he witnessed the World Trade Center attacks. The attacks inspired Way to start the band that would become My Chemical Romance:

Birthdays start with Mickey Hart (hey, that rhymes), who played drums for the Grateful Dead:

Tommy Shaw of Styx:

Jon Moss played drums for Culture Club:

Guitarist Jonny Buckland of Coldplay:


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