Presty the DJ for Sept. 6

The number one single in the U.K. todayyyyyyy in 19677777777 …

One yearrrrrr laterrrrrr, the Beatles recorded Eric Clapton’s guitar part for “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” making him the first non-Beatle on a Beatle record:

The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge reports:

… The Beatles’ George Harrison was heading in to London for a recording session for “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. His neighbor, Eric Clapton needed a lift into London, so George offered to take him. George had a different idea though.
Harrison wasn’t happy with his own guitar tracks on the song so while driving, he asked Eric to come to the session and do a track on.
Clapton at first refused, saying that “nobody (famous) ever plays on the Beatles records!” but George insisted. Clapton came in and the invitation has its intended effect: the band members were completely professional and Eric’s solo sounded great.
As Clapton was listening to a playback, the thought his solo wasn’t “Beatle-y enough,” so the solo is run through an ADT circuit with “varispeed”, with the session engineer manually ‘waggling’ the oscillator: Engineer Chris Thomas has recalled: “Eric said that he didn’t want it to sound like him. So I was just sitting there wobbling the thing, they wanted it really extreme, so that’s what I did.” The effect sounded like the guitar was run through the Leslie rotating speaker of the Hammond B-3 organ cabinet.

The number one song in the U.S. today in 1975:

The number one album in the U.S. today in 1975 was Jefferson Starship’s “Red Octopus,” the most commercially successful album to date for Jefferson Starship, Airplane or Thing Thrown into the Sky:

The number one song in the U.S. today in 1980:

Today in 1982, Paul McCartney released “Tug of War”:

The number one song in the U.S. today in 1986:

Birthdays start with Roger Waters of Pink Floyd:


Claydes Smith of Kool and the Gang:

Banner Thomas played bass for Molly Hatchet:

Pal Waaktaar of A-Ha, the only Norwegian group to record a number-one song in the U.S. and Great Britain:

Dave Bargeron played trombone, tuba, horns and bass for Blood Sweat & Tears:

Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries:

One death anniversary of note: Tom Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival today in 1990:


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