Sermon of the weekend

Michael Smith:

Let me tell you a little story about some people at a company who lost confidence in leadership, themselves and ultimately left everything they had been taught behind.

In this case, their leadership didn’t die or was voted out, their leader, we’ll call him Bob, was just on a long business trip to corporate to meet with his boss and get some information and stuff approved the folks back at the plant needed to get going on a new management plan.

As it turns out, the trip was pretty darn long, as it always is at corporate, there was a lot of hurry up and wait and because the big boss was busy, it took a while for him to get to the visiting Bob – but when he did, it was a significant event, and the executive got a load of info to take back to the peeps.

The big boss told Bob he better get going before his folks started getting worried about him.

But this plant was in a deeply rural area. So far off the grid that there was no mobile phone service.
So, even though the Bob told the folks he would be back no matter what, the people figured it had been too long and he wasn’t coming back. Before Bob could get his rental turned in at the airport to fly back, the folks back at the office decided he had quit or gotten fired and wasn’t coming back, so they decided to move on and even to find another big boss to lead them, which they did, or so they thought. They couldn’t call and didn’t have Internet, so they sent a letter to another person they had heard about from a few towns over and asked him to come and take over.

In preparation of the new big boss possibly coming in, and show the new big boss how much the folks at the office were dedicated to the new leadership and had forgotten about Bob and even the old big boss, they all pitched in, pooled all their valuables and had a statue made of the new big boss from a picture they saw in an old issue of Forbes magazine so he would be pleased with their efforts and maybe even reward them.Fast forward a bit and the Bob finally shows up at the office.Imagine the shock on the employees faces!

I’m sure you can imagine the surprise on Bob’s face when he rolled up on a party for the new boss going on in the break room. Folks were stuffing Krispy Kremes in their faces, shotgunning Dr. Pepper. Doritos were everywhere. Nancy from accounting, Barbara from legal and Cheryl from HR were on such a sugar high, they had stripped down to their dainties, tied balloons around their arms and were dancing around the statue of the new big boss which was situated on a folding table over by the break room bulletin board. Ray and Frank were over in the corner lustily glaring at the girls.

Needless to say, Bob was not a happy camper. He was shocked that not only did they lack trust in him and forget all of what he taught them, they had turned on the big boss as well – even though the big boss had kept them on the payroll during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Bob had a satellite phone the big boss had given him while he was at corporate so Bob would have a direct line to the big boss as they rolled out the new strategy and got going, so Bob keyed in the big boss’ digits and hit the send button.

“Hey, Bob. Didn’t expect to hear from you so soon, what’s up?”, the big boss said.

“You won’t believe what is going on here, Big. I’m so mad, I could just spit nails and throw this hard drive full of PowerPoint presentations right on the ground”, replied Bob.

Big said, “Dude, I know those folks, they are a stiff-necked bunch. I’m super pissed, so let me stew a bit and I’ll just come down there and fire them all and you can start with a clean slate.”

Bob chilled the big boss, asked him to cool his jets and let him deal with it. “No need to go all nuclear up in this bitch”, Bob said.

So, Bob rolled up into the break room and when he saw Nancy, Barbara and Cheryl dancing, he more or less blew his top. He threw the hard drive and the briefing books on the floor of the break room, breaking them to pieces. He yanked all the banners down, toppled the statue and tossed all the Doritos in a pile and set them on fire. He even made the folks drink all the Dr. Pepper, even though it had all gone flat.

Bob got them out of most of the trouble, but the big boss was still pretty ticked, so he cut out the free coffee and had the air conditioner removed from the break room.

In case you haven’t figured it out, this is pretty much the story told in Exodus, Chapter 35. You know it as the story of Moses, the Tablets and the Golden Calf.

The reason I wrote that is that I have realized that the Democrats have made their own Golden Calf and began worshiping it — and they are intent on forcing you to worship it as well.

• Pelosi just said to oppose abortion is “sinful”.

• Biden is calling anyone who doesn’t bow to him “terrorists”.

• Standing against aborting black babies is now racist.

• Democrats are praising secular humanism and atheism.

• They are for indoctrinating tender age children in all manners of sexual deviancy.

• They support butchering children in support of transgenderism.

• More and more, “progressive” Christians are turning away from God and toward the world.

It seems to me; my paraphrasing of Exodus fits our current situation pretty well.

Something to think about.


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