Presty the DJ for Aug. 23

In 1969, these were the number one single …

… and album in the U.S.:

Today in 1973, the first Reading Festival began, featuring Eric Burdon, Traffic and Focus:

Today in 1975, Paul Kossoff, guitarist for Free, was revived from death after a heart attack. One wonders if after he was revived he said he was …

Had Kossoff been listening to the radio before or after his heart attack, he would have heard this as the number one single:

Today in 1980 began the Heatwave Festival in Toronto, featuring Elvis Costello, the Pretenders, the Talking Heads and the B52s:

Birthdays start with Rudy Lewis, one of the numerous leads of the Drifters:

Keith Moon of the Who:

Steve Clark of Def Leppard:

Dean DeLeo of the Stone Temple Pilots:


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