Presty the DJ for Aug. 11

We begin with a non-musical anniversary, though we can certainly add music:

On Aug. 11, 1919, Green Bay Press–Gazette sports editor George Calhoun and Indian Packing Co. employee Earl “Curly” Lambeau, a former Notre Dame football player, organized a pro football team that would be called the Green Bay Packers:

Today in 1964, the Beatles movie “A Hard Day’s Night” opened in New York:

Two years later, the Beatles opened their last American concert tour on the same day that John Lennon apologized for saying that the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus. … Look, I wasn’t saying The Beatles are better than God or Jesus, I said ‘Beatles’ because it’s easy for me to talk about The Beatles. I could have said ‘TV’ or ‘Cinema’, ‘Motorcars’ or anything popular and would have got away with it…”

Today in 1976, the Who drummer Keith Moon collapsed and was hospitalized in Miami.

You might have the knack for music trivia if you can identify the number one today in 1979:

Today in 1984, President Reagan either forgot or ignored the dictum that one should always assume a microphone is open:

Birthdays start with Manfred Mann drummer Mike Hegg:

James Kale of the Guess Who …

… was born the same day as Denis Payton, one of the Dave Clark Five:

Joe Jackson:

Who is Richie Beau? You know him better as Richie Ramone:


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