Presty the DJ for Aug. 9

Today should be a national holiday. That is because this group first entered the music charts today in 1969, getting three or four chart spots lower than its title:

That was the same day the number one single predicted life 556 years in the future:

Today in 1975, the Bee Gees hit number one, even though they were just just just …

Birthdays start with Harry Mills of the Mills Brothers:

Billy Henderson of the Spinners (sometimes called the Detroit Spinners in contrast to a British group of the same name):

Rinus Gerritsen of the Golden Earring:

The late Benjamin Orr of the Cars:

The late Whitney Houston:

Today is also the anniversary of the plane crash in 1974 that killed Bill Chase, keyboardist Wally Yohn, drummer Walter Clark, and guitarist John Emma of the brass rock group Chase:

An additional moment of silence for Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, who became dead today in 1995:


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