Presty the DJ for Aug. 4

Today in 1957, the Everly Brothers performed on CBS-TV’s Ed Sullivan Shew …

… performing a song about a couple who falls asleep on a date, making others assume that they spent the night together when they didn’t. The song was banned in some markets.

Today in 1958, Billboard magazine combined its five charts measuring record sales, jukebox plays and radio airplay to the Hot 100. And the first Hot 100 number one was …

Today in 1967, a 16-year-old girl stowed away on the Monkees’ flight from Minneapolis to St. Louis. The girl’s father accused the Monkees of transporting a minor across state lines, presumably for immoral purposes.

Today in 1970, Beach Boy Dennis Wilson married his second wife.

Possibly connected: Jim Morrison of the Doors was arrested for public drunkenness after being found passed out on the front steps of a house.

The first birthday today isn’t a rock music birthday, but fans of the trumpet have to recognize Louis Armstrong:

Elsbeary Hobbs of (the Ben E. King iteration of) the Drifters:

Who is Frank Guzzo? Frankie Ford, who invited you to go on …

Paul Leyton of the Seekers:

Robbin Crosby of Ratt:

The Paul Williams with a birthday today isn’t the short ’70s songwriter who played Little Enos in the “Smokey and the Bandit” movies; he is the Paul Williams who played guitar for A Flock of Seagulls:


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