When life imitates art

Michael Smith:

Director Christopher Nolan used Christian Bale to take a three-movie tour of the darker side of The Batman. Bale’s moody, tortured, and introspective Bruce Wayne gave the world a look into the grittier side of Gotham and its nasty criminal underbelly.

Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012) gave rise to a story arc that left any hint of Adam West’s comedic Batman and his criminally comedic opponents behind, and in doing so, returned Batman to his origins.

If you feel as though you are watching an episode of Nolan’s Batman every time the news reports lax enforcement of the laws in the deep blue cities, you aren’t wrong.

There currently is no Bruce Wayne or Batman, but there certainly are a rogue’s gallery of crime bosses, evil businesspeople and assorted corrupt politicians, elected officials, and bureaucrats.

The news from San Francisco, LA, Philadelphia, New York, St. Louis, and Minneapolis seems to indicate each of those cities are racing each other to become America’s Gotham City, just this time without the heroes who almost inevitably try to save them from themselves.

These Soros backed DAs are more Heath Ledger’s Joker than they are Harvey Dent (former DA turned crime boss). Where Dent was more focused on enriching himself through his crimes, Ledger’s Joker was a malevolent, malignant, deeply scarred character more intent on punishing the Batman and the people of Gotham City than profiting from his criminal enterprise.

People like Chesa Boudin (thankfully recalled), George Gascon, Larry Krasner, Alvin Bragg, Kim Foxx, and other leftist District Attorneys are using arbitrary, capricious, and frankly, race focused, application of the law to punish people they believe have wrong them and society in some way. You might want to add Nancy Pelosi, who is beginning to look like the Joker more every day, and the hapless puppet, Merrick “The Penguin” Garland, to that list – they are most certainly easy on the members of their criminal gang as they deal quite harshly with those who have not joined them in their crime spree.

Many of the people on the dark side of our contemporary Gotham Cities allegedly ascribe to the premise that crime doesn’t imply a need for law enforcement and a justice system, that rather it is the opposite, it is created by law enforcement and the justice system to keep the poor and racial minorities down, their real purpose is to use those criminals to punish a populace those officials viscerally hate.

Their ruse is that of “criminal justice reform” but this evil cabal of corrupt officials uses lax enforcement of the law to create a frontal offensive on the law abiding. The real objective of their policies is to set criminals free to continue to commit crimes, and in turn, continue to punish the society these people believe is fatally flawed, weak, and just wrong. Society deserves to be punished, especially those typically Republican white suburbanites whose successes have obviously come at the expense of those committing crimes.

Those suburbanites are the people who deserve to feel a little of the fear, loss and oppression that causes criminals to become criminals. They need to be served a little mental anguish to teach them a lesson about what things will be like until people begin to see the light and sign on to their leftist brand of sociopolitical policies.

Biden is the current head of a national criminal enterprise.

Albeit more of a 60’s Caesar Romero character than the darker Heath Ledger or Joaquin Phoenix versions, Biden plays a national level Master Joker to America’s Gotham. There is little doubt he has used the power of his various political offices to enrich himself (he has never had a real job in the private sector, just like about 60% of those making policy), but almost comedically, he finds himself at the head of an organization that is a strange mix of pretty much all the organized groups opposing Batman’s crusade to rid Gotham of crime.

The Democrat Party embodies elements of the Circus of Strange (a criminal syndicate which operates out of a travelling circus) and the Court of Owls (a centuries old aristocratic secret society which wielding immense power and influence over the affairs of Gotham City).

In Nolan’s 2012 Dark Knight Rises, Batman returns after taking the fall for Harvey Dent’s crimes to fight Bane’s terrorism. Bane’s professions to the people (rich are the enemy, total democracy) are akin to the professions of the American left and end, predictably, in the very same chaos and dystopia the left’s policies always do.

Batman does save Gotham, but while saving Gotham from an immediate threat, he doesn’t really “save” the city. He serves as the inspiration for a popular uprising of the people who retake their city.

But don’t turn that dial.

The Democrats will always be the party of The Joker.

But you can feel a stirring, a movement rising in opposition to Biden, Pelosi and their minions in the blue cities and states. There is a lot of Nolan’s Batman story line in the presidency of Donald Trump. Either 2024 becomes a Dark Knight Rises version of our American story or perhaps a new Dark Knight (DeSantis) tugs on the mask and cape or a new Catwoman (Kristi Noem) squeezes into the black bodysuit and takes over.

In any case, brighter days are ahead for Gotham.


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