Shots fired in the culture war

Stephen L. Miller:

Two dimensions collided last week, the real world and woke Twitter.

Khiara Bridges, a law professor at UC Berkeley, found out how using woke terminology usually reserved for a private classroom or an online mob works in an open forum where you can’t simply shut students down or press the “block” button. When asked by Senator John Cornyn whether she believes a baby has value even a day before birth, she responded, “I believe a person with the capacity for pregnancy has value.” When Cornyn responded, “No, I’m talking about the baby,” she reiterated, “I’m talking about the person with a capacity for pregnancy,” and declared in front of Congress that she was “answering a more interesting question to me.” How convenient for her.

When Bridges was then pressed by Senator Josh Hawley to clarify whether she meant women, she retreated to one of the woke’s favorite lines of defense by declaring that Hawley’s line of questioning was “transphobic” and “it opens up trans people to violence.”

On Twitter, the progressive left promptly called it a win for Bridges. Yet then something unexpected happened. Several more moderate journalists sounded the warning that the hearing did not go the way their woke colleagues thought it did.

Megan McArdle at the Washington Postwas the first to sound the alarm, writing, “Unlike a Rorschach test, however, this one has a right answer, and the progressives have it wrong. Moreover, the fact that they can’t see just how badly this exchange went for their side shows what a big mistake it was to let academia and media institutions turn into left-wing monocultures.” This went over on Twitter about as well as expected.

CNN host and analyst Fareed Zakaria then warned at the Washington Post that the Democratic Party was heading for ruin by obsessing over things like pronouns. Zakaria said that instead, “Democrats need to become the party of building things.” He’s right, but in the insular world of Twitter, it didn’t matter. The Post changed the headline of the piece, caving to an outraged hoard of wokesters, which in turn, kind of proved Zakaria’s point.

Democrats are facing a bloodbath in the November midterms, yet these warnings seem to be falling on deaf ears. That’s true even with polling staring them in the face. Per Axios, more Hispanics and minorities are drifting away from the Democratic Party, while more educated white and coastal elites are embracing the new campus hegemony. 2022 and 2024 could thus become elections at least in part about basic human biology.

When a Supreme Court nominee has trouble defining a woman in front of the entire country, that country may decide to simply move on. The mainstream media, which is a cultural and political ally of the left, has recognized this and is sounding the alarms. The left has responded the only way they know how, with rage and backlash. Perhaps it’s going to take a couple of devastating elections for them to finally start listening. At the very least, they may just need to open up a biology textbook.

A local example from the Wisconsin State Journal:

Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson waded into gender politics Wednesday, rejecting the notion that anyone besides women can get pregnant and adding that they need to get pregnant to “populate our Earth.”

In response, Johnson’s top-tier Democratic opponents declined Wednesday to answer whether they think groups besides women can become pregnant, a question that has taken on political dimensions as liberals supporting transgender rights clash with conservatives reinforcing traditional gender roles.

Johnson’s comments, made to conservative pundit Brian Kilmeade, came in response to a heated exchange Tuesday between U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., and University of California-Berkeley law professor Khiara Bridges.

Hawley questioned Bridges’ use of the inclusive phrase “people with a capacity for pregnancy,” leading her to call his line of questioning “transphobic” and him to say men cannot get pregnant. Bridges noted that transgender men and some who identify as nonbinary or gender nonconforming can also get pregnant.

Responding to that exchange, Johnson said, “It’s just insane. I mean, Democrats, as I said before, (are) so detached from reality. And they’re trying to force those types of falsehoods on the rest of us. … Like, no, we should all believe that men can get pregnant, too. They can’t. I mean, women get pregnant, and God bless them for getting pregnant. We need to populate our Earth.” …

Johnson’s top opponents facing off in the Aug. 9 Democratic U.S. Senate primary — Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, Milwaukee Bucks executive-on-leave Alex Lasry, state Treasurer Sarah Godlewski and Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson — avoided questions on the issue.

One wonders how long Wisconsin voters will continue to tolerate the Democratic freak show.



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