Lockdown 2022

Michael Smith …

Had a casual conversation with an acquaintance today about their plans for the summer. He told me they were staying close to home this year because they can’t afford airfare or even gas to go anywhere other than somewhere in state. He has a pickup like mine with a 36 gallon tank he uses for his business and he had just filled it up, costing him over $180.

They have four kids under 16, so I can understand what a hit to the pocketbook this is.

He told me this was going to be the first time ever the kids had not been on a vacation out of state.

As I thought about it this afternoon, I realized that Democrats have found a way to redistribute fun. The crushing inflation, the high prices of gas and plane tickets have taken away what for this family was a fun tradition.

That prompted this comment:

They really liked the lock downs. Lock down summer 2022 edition.
Imagine not being able to afford to see your family.

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