Presty the DJ for June 12

An interesting juxtaposition of 45 years for these two songs:

The number six single today in 1948:

Then, the number 17 song today in 1993 by Green Jellÿ (which began life as Green Jellö — and we have the CD to prove it — until the makers of Jell-O objected):

Birthdays begin with jazz pianist Chick Corea, with whom we sang at a concert at Lawrence University (really) several years ago:

Reg Presley sang for the Troggs:

Barry Bailey of the Atlanta Rhythm Section:

Who is Brad Carlson? You may know him as Bun E. Carlos, drummer of Cheap Trick …

… born the same day as Brad Delp of Boston:

Drummer Michael Hausman of ‘Til Tuesday:


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