Presty the DJ for June 10

Today in 1964, the Rolling Stones recorded their “12×5” album at Chess Studios in Chicago:

:epat drawkcab gnisu dedrocer gnos tsrif eht “,niaR” dedrocer seltaeB eht ,6691 ni yadoT

Today in 1972, Elvis Presley recorded a live album at Madison Square Garden in New York:

Birthdays today start with Shirley Owens Alston of the Shirelles …

… born the same day as Mickey Jones, drummer for the First Edition:

Matthew Fisher, keyboardist for Procol Harum:

Max Elliott, better known in the ’80s and ’90s as Maxi Priest:

Bass player Dan Lavery of Tonic:

Two deaths of note: Fellow Shirelle Addie “Micki” Harris, who died at 42 …

… and the great Ray Charles:

Charles is my father’s brush with greatness story, by the way: After playing in southern Wisconsin’s first rock and roll band (which once got to play backup for Bobby Darin at a concert in Madison) as its first piano player, he worked for a music store in Madison and was asked to deliver and set up a Hammond organ for Charles and his band, who were playing the first concert at the new Dane County Coliseum in Madison. After he finished, the organist invited him to watch the concert backstage. While enjoying the concert, suddenly between songs he heard Charles thanking him for his work and asking him to come onstage and play a song with them. He thinks he did, but cannot be sure because he remembers nothing of the experience. In comparison, I have seen my favorite band, Chicago, three times, and in none of the three have they asked me to come onstage and play.


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