Presty the DJ for June 6

We begin with a song that was set on this date (listen to the first line):

The number one song today in 1955 was probably played around the clock by the first top 40 radio stations:

Anniversary greetings to David Bowie and Iman, married today in 1992:

Birthdays include one of the great Motown voices, the late Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops:

Gary “U.S.” Bonds:

Drummer Laudir de Olivera of the greatest rock group of all time (once upon a time), Chicago:

Dwight Twilley:

Larry “The Mole” Taylor of Canned Heat:

Terry Williams was a part of Kenny Rogers’ band during his transition from folk to rock, the First Edition:

Steve Vai played guitar for Frank Zappa, the David Lee Roth band and Whitesnake:


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