Presty the DJ for May 31

We started and ended with jazz yesterday, so it’s worth noting that today is the anniversary of the release of the first jazz record, “Darktown Strutters Ball”:

The number nine …

… seven …

… and five singles today in 1969:

Birthdays begin with Johnny Paycheck, who sang something everyone who’s ever worked for a living wanted to say at at least one point:

Mick Ralphs played guitar for Mott the Hoople …

… and Bad Company:

John “Bonzo” Bonham, drummer for Led Zeppelin …

… was born the same day as Mike Edwards of ELO:

Vicki Sue Robinson was a one-hit wonder of the ’70s:

This Corey Hart is not the Brewers’ right fielder/first baseman but the two-hit wonder of the 1980s, and arguably winner of the Young Harrison Ford Lookalike Contest:


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