Presty the DJ for Feb. 13

The number two single, believe it or don’t, today in 1961:

In an unrelated development that day, Frank Sinatra began Reprise Records, which included artists beside Sinatra:

Today in 1967, the Monkees announced they would play on their own records …

… instead of studio musicians, as at the group’s beginning:

As it happened, the group recorded two years after the cancellation of the TV series in 1968.

Birthdays begin with Tennessee Ernie Ford:

Peter Tork of the aforementioned Monkees:

Peter Gabriel:

Ed Gagliardi was the first bass player for Foreigner:

Peter Hook of  Joy Division:

Mark Fox played percussion for Haircut 100:

Freedom Williams of C&C Music Factory:

Robert Harrell played bass for 3 Doors Down:

Two deaths of note today: Patrick Wayne of Musical Youth in 1993 …

… and Waylon Jennings in 2002:


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