Billboard of the year

Newsweek writes about this billboard outside of Richland Center:

Abillboard of Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden with the film title Dumb and Dumber underneath has begun to go viral.

The 1994 comedy film, starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, has often been referenced in politics and attributed to elected leaders.

The billboard is believed to be in Richland County in Wisconsin and has been met with a mixed response.

To be precise, outside of Richland Center.

The picture was shared on Twitter by JonCover2 to his over 6,000 followers and has since been liked 14,000 times and retweeted over 3,000 times. Newsweek has reached out to the original poster and Wisconsin officials for comment.

Many critics of the current administration responded enthusiastically to the billboard and replied with their own pictures of anti-Biden signs across the U.S.

One user wrote: “I drive by this regularly in southern Wisconsin. Makes me smile.”

Another added: “This billboard is needed everywhere from East to West coast.”

While another wrote: “I disagree – clearly Biden is the dumb and Kamala is the dumber.”

And another added: “Cool, I like to call them Sh**s and Giggles, but this works.”

However one person in the comments argued against the mocking of Biden and Harris. They wrote: “Talk about disrespect. These are your elected leaders. Reaching a new low… if that is possible.”

That’s rich coming from people who ripped to shreds Reagan, Bush, Thompson, Walker and Trump voters at every opportunity.

The billboard picture was also shared on liberal Twitter page PatriotTakes which has over 430,000 followers.

Comments on this page steered more towards confusion and condemnation.

One social media user wrote: “They have no personality outside of worshiping their cult idol.”

“Seriously, they would have no problem with this administration if they didn’t dethrone their king.”

That’s quite a statement from supporters of the party that worships the Kennedys, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, etc., etc., etc.

And another wrote: “This is someone’s vanity project. It doesn’t serve any purpose except they enjoy it when they drive by.”

President Biden’s approval rating since taking office has fallen significantly and the President has faced constant criticism from former President Donald Trump and his supporters.

It remains fascinating that more than a year after the presidential election there are so many Trump signs outside urban areas. It’s as if Trump voters knew what would happen if Biden won.



One thought on “Billboard of the year

  1. Hi Jean!!!

    Well it looks like Mr. Prestegard is still around. Have not heard from his blog for a long time. Pretty funny with the Dumb/Dumber Sign!.

    I have be doing okay. Still busy settling in. Just seems to take much longer than it used to . Older age I suspect. I have be doing PT for my shoulder for a couple of months. It will not really heal until I stop having to lift so many heavy items.

    I am very happy with the new condo. You must come over and see. What times are good for you? I would like to catch you before you are off to Arizona. Please call and we can set a date. AM or PM, I do not care. Whatever works best for you. Miss you lots.



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