Second song, same theme as the first

Not long ago Tim McGraw, who once sang about a truck …

… sang about another truck:

Before we go on: McGraw sings about “an old stick-shift dark blue F-150 in good condition.” But if you look at 45 degrees on the steering wheel …

… you will see an automatic transmission shifter. (No automaker has made a three-on-the-tree vehicle in decades.)

It turns out that there are now don’t-want-my-truck-anymore songs on the country charts, thanks to Dylan Scott:

I would suggest that McGraw and Scott trade truck, except that you’ll notice what happens to Scott’s truck at the end of the video.

It is interesting that two artists, or their writers, came up with the same song theme so close together time-wise.

One wonders who will be the artist who writes about a breakup with his truck. As someone pointed out, once trucks become self-driving a truck can initiate a breakup.


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