Presty the DJ for Nov. 15

Today in 1925, RCA took over the 25-station AT&T network plus WEAF radio in New York …

… making today the birthday of the original NBC radio network:

Today in 1965, the Rolling Stones made their U.S. TV debut on ABC’s “Hullabaloo”:

Today in 1966, the Doors agreed to release “Break on Through” as their first single, removing the word “high” to get radio airplay:

The number one single today in 1980:

Today in 1990, Frank Farian, who “produced” Milli Vanilli, held a news conference to confirm that Fabrice Morvan and Rob Pilatus, the alleged Milli Vanilli, had in fact not sung on any of their records. And now, here is Milli Vanilli’s greatest work:

Birthdays begin with Bill Fries. Who is Bill Fries? He was the creative director for an Omaha ad agency who created a character for a bread company advertising campaign. The character (who was played by an actor in the ads) then started singing (with Fries as the voice), including this 2-million-seller:

Petula Clark:

Annifrid Lyngstad of Abba:

Steve Fossen of Heart:

Ab Bryant of Chilliwack:

The late Tony Thompson was the drummer for Chic and the Power Station:


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