Presty the DJ for Nov. 3

The number one single today in 1956:

Britain’s number one single today in 1960:

The number one single today in 1962:

Today in 1964, a fan at a Rolling Stones concert fell out of the balcony of Public Hall in Cleveland. That prompted Cleveland Mayor Ralph Locker to ban pop music concerts in the city, saying, “Such groups do not add to the community’s culture or entertainment.” Kind of ironic that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ended up in Cleveland.

Thirty-three years to the day later, Metallica reached an out-of-court settlement with one of its fans who claimed he had lost his sense of smell after he was dropped on his head at a concert four years earlier.

The number one single today in 1979 will be familiar to early viewers of MTV:

Birthdays start with British composer John Barry, who composed 11 James Bond soundtracks, won five Academy Awards, and who wrote themes for a lot of other British TV:

Nick Simper was an original member of Deep Purple:

Lulu sang not just “The Man with the Golden Gun,” but …

Who is Stuart Goddard? You know him better as Adam Ant:

One death of note: Lonnie Donegan, writer of this, uh,  interesting song, died today in 2002 at 71:


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