Presty the DJ for Oct. 24

The number one album today in 1970 was Santana’s “Abraxas”:

Today in 1973, John Lennon sued the U.S. government, which was trying to deport him, to get the FBI to admit it was wiretapping Lennon.

The number one single today in 1987:

The number one British album today in 1992 (why is today in 1992 significant?) was Simple Minds’ “Glittering Prize 81/92”:

Birthdays begin with J.P. Richardson, a DJ known more popularly as the Big Bopper:

Who is William George Perks? Bill Wyman, bass player for the Rolling Stones:

Jerry Edmonton of Steppenwolf:

Dale “Buffin” Griffin played drums for Mott the Hoople:

And now, some music from today in 1992:

What? Those songs weren’t being played today in 1992? Yes, they were, for this reason:


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