Presty the DJ for Oct. 22

Today in 1964, EMI Records rejected a group called the Hi-Numbers after its audition. Who? That’s the group’s current name:

Today in 1966, “Supremes a Go-Go” was the first number one album by an all-girl group:

Today in 1969, Paul McCartney announced he was not dead. (Of course, how can you prove a negative?)

The number one album today in 1983 was Culture Club’s “Colour by Numbers”:

Today in 1986, listeners to WNBC radio in New York heard this:

Today in 2005, this song was voted the number one Eurovision song contest song of all time:

Birthdays begin with Bobby Fuller, who …

Leslie West of Mountain:

Eddie Brigati of The Rascals:

Who is Orville Richard Burrell? You know him as Shaggy:

Today in 1969, one-hit wonder Tommy Edwards died:


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