Presty the DJ for Oct. 15

What an appropriate number one single today in 1964:

The number one single today in 1966:

Today in 1971, Rick Nelson was booed at Madison Square Garden in New York when he dared to sing new material at a concert. The reaction to his not singing what the crowd wanted to hear prompted him to write …

If I told you the number one British album today in 1983 was “Genesis,” I would have given you the artist and the title:

The number one album today in 1994 was REM’s “Monster”:

Who shares a birthday with Mrs. Presteblog?

One-hit-wonder Barry McGuire:

Richard Carpenter, the surviving half of the Carpenters:

Chris DeBurgh:

Since it’s my wife’s birthday, here are her two favorite rock songs:

Because she was in Guatemala with the Peace Corps, she missed this:


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