Presty the DJ for Oct. 2

Today in 1953, Victor Borge’s “Comedy in Music” opened on Broadway, closing 849 performances later. (Pop.)

Today in 1960, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs released “Stay,” which would become the shortest number one single of all time:

The number one single today in 1965:

Today in 1971, Rod Stewart had the number one album, “Every Picture Tells a Story,” and single:

Today in 1983, the number one British single was a song whose original title, “Pass the Kutchie,” was changed to avoid its being banned due to drug references.  So, of course, the new song title came to mean the original title:

Today in 2008, Pink had Britain’s number one album, “Funhouse.” The album’s title was changed from its original name for some strange reason:

Birthdays begin with Mike Rutherford of Genesis:

Gordon Sumner is better known as Sting:

Greg Jennings, not of the Packers, but of Restless Heart:

Robbie Nevil:

Today’s final birthday: Back in my first journalism job, I got a news release package from a record company announcing a shopping mall tour for a new female artist. My part-time colleague and I decided this was a stupid idea going nowhere and threw it into the vertical file. Who was the new artist? Tiffany:


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