Presty the DJ for Sept. 29

The number eight song today in 1958, one week or almost a month after the end (depending on your definition) of summer:

Today in 1967, the Beatles mixed “I Am the Walrus,” which combined three songs John Lennon had been writing. The song includes the sounds of a radio going up and down the dial, ending at a BBC presentation of William Shakespeare’s “King Lear.” Lennon had read that a teacher at his primary school was having his students analyze Beatles lyrics, Lennon reportedly added one nonsensical verse, although arguably none of the verses make much sense:

The number 71 …

… number 51 …

… number 27 …

… number 20 …

… number eight …

… number six …

… number three …

… and number one singles today in 1973:

Today in 1977, James Brown’s band walked out before a concert in Florida, claiming that the hardest working man in show business was working them too hard and not paying them enough:

From today in 1979, singles number 24, 15 and 14:

From today in 1984, singles number 25, 22, 17, 10 and nine:

The number one single today in 1990:

Birthdays start with Jerry Lee Lewis, who celebrated his 41st birthday today in 1976 by shooting his bass player in the chest while shooting at his own office door; the bass player survived but sued:

Manuel Fernandez of Los Bravos:

Mike Post is best known for his TV show themes, though his career went a lot farther:

How famous is Post? Check this out:

Mike Pinnear of Iron Butterfly and Blues Image …

… was born the same day as Mark Farner of number one from today in 1973, Grand Funk Railroad:

Ian Baker played keyboards for Jesus Jones:


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