Presty the DJ for Aug. 28

The number one single today in 1961 was made more popular by Elvis Presley, not its creator:

Also today in 1961, the Marvelettes released what would become their first number one song:

Today in 1964, the Beatles met Bob Dylan after a concert in Forest Hills, N.Y. Dylan reportedly introduced the Beatles to marijuana:

Today in 1967, WCBS radio in New York was supposed to switch to its new all-news format. However, both WCBS and WNBC radio were knocked off the air the day before when a plane crashed into the stations’ tower. WCBS had to start its all-news format on its FM station (which at the time played something called the “Young Sound” format, instrumental versions of current pop songs) while WNBC had to borrow another station’s transmitter.

The number one UK single (for the third consecutive week) today in 1972 should have been number one earlier in the summer:

Today in 1988, Kylie Minogue  set a British record when her debut album, “Kylie,” topped 2 million sales, most for a female artist:

The number one album in 1993 came to its singer in his sleep, hence the title, “River of Dreams”:

Birthdays today begin with Clem Cattini, who played drums for the Telstars, which recorded the first song from a British act to reach number one in the U.S.:

David Soul was not merely Hutch of “Starsky and Hutch” …

… but recorded a number one single:

Danny Seraphine was the first drummer for Chicago:


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