Presty the DJ for Aug. 13

The number one song in Britain today in 1964 was brought back to popularity almost two decades later by the movie “Stripes”:

That same day, the Kinks hit the British charts for the first time with …

This was, of course, the number one song in the U.S. today in 1966:

That same day, the number one album in the U.K.  was the Beatles’ “Revolver”:

That same day, the Supremes hit the charts for the first time by reminding listeners that …

Speaking of the Beatles: Today in 1971, John Lennon left on a jet plane from Heathrow Airport in London to New York, and never set foot in Britain again. (Despite Richard Nixon’s efforts to deport Lennon.)

Today in 1980, four masked burglars broke into the New York home of Todd Rundgren, tied him up, and stole audio equipment and paintings. According to reports, during the break-in one of them was humming …

The only birthday of note today is Dan Fogelberg:


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