Presty the DJ for Aug. 8

Two anniversaries today demonstrate the fickle nature of the pop charts. This is the number one song today in 1960:

Three years later, the Kingsmen released “Louie Louie.” Some radio stations refused to play it because they claimed it was obscene. Which is ridiculous, because the lyrics were not obscene, merely incomprehensible:

Today in 1969, while the Beatles were wrapping up work on “Abbey Road,” they shot the album cover:

One year later, Blood Sweat & Tears’ “Blood Sweat & Tears 3” hit number one:

Birthdays start with Philip Baisley, one of the Statler Brothers:

Jay David of Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show:

Airrion Love of the Stylistics:

Ali Score played drums for A Flock of Seagulls:

Chris Foreman of Madness:

Ricki Rockett of Poison:

Who is Dave Evans? The Edge of U2:


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