Presty the DJ for July 30

The Beatles were busy at work today in 1963:

Today in 1966,  the Beatles’ “Yesterday and Today” album reached number one and stayed there for five weeks:

Today in 1986, Variety magazine reported that RCA Records had dropped John Denver after Denver released “Let Us Begin (What Are We Making Weapons For)” with Russian singer Alexander Gradsky.

Variety reported that GE (which by buying RCA made it the owner of NBC, undoing GE’s spinoff of RCA decades earlier), one of the largest weapons contractors in the U.S., wasn’t happy with the song.

Today in 1991, an Inglewood, Calif., police officer ticketed the driver of a limousine for making an illegal turn. In the back of the limousine was Axl Rose of Guns N Roses, who threatened to cancel his band’s three remaining dates at the Great Western Forum.

According to Facebook’s Music History 101, “Fearing that a riot might ensue, the officer tore up the ticket and let them proceed down the highway.”

Today’s brief list of birthdays begin with Buddy Guy:

Paul Anka:

David Sanborn:

Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond of Jethro Tull:

One death today in 1993: Don “Hippmo” Myrick, a saxophone player for Earth Wind & Fire:


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