Presty the DJ for March 27

Today in 1958, CBS Records announced it had developed stereo records, which would sound like stereo only on, of course, stereo record players.

The irony is that CBS’ development aided its archrival, RCA, which owned NBC but also sold record players:

For similar reasons NBC was the first network to do extensive color. NBC was owned by RCA, which sold TVs.

The number one British single today in 1959:

The number one single today in 1965:

The number one British single today in 1968:

Today in 1971, WNBC radio in New York banned this song because of its alleged drug references.

Unbelievably, that wasn’t a problem for Lawrence Welk:

(Notice that Myron Floren has a hard time keeping a straight face during the introduction. Floren appeared to know what the song was about, in contrast to Welk afterward.)

T0day in 1972, Elvis Presley recorded my favorite Elvis single:

Today in 1973, the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia was stopped for speeding …

… and then arrested for having cocaine and LSD in his car:

Today in 1979, Eric Clapton married Patti Boyd Harrison, the ex-wife of ex-Beatle George Harrison.

The marriage lasted nine years.

Today in 1987, a building roof in downtown Los Angeles became U2’s latest concert venue …

… until L.A. police put an end to the fun.

Birthdays begin with jazz singer Sarah Vaughan:

Tony Banks played keyboards for Genesis:

Andrew Farriss played keyboards for INXS:

Clark Datchler of Johnny Hates Jazz:


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