Fiscal responsibility vs. COVID

Tom Woods:

Little by little even the crazed, anti-science, pro-lockdown states are coming out of it, as I noted not too long ago.
New Jersey just increased capacity allowances for restaurants, gyms, and casinos. Andrew Cuomo just announced that weddings can now have up to 150 attendees.
Of course, the populations that these governors have panicked incessantly for nearly a year aren’t going to come back to rationality anytime soon, so they’re all wondering: why won’t our governors keep us safe anymore? Pathetic.
I remember thinking to myself that the most important issue of the 2020 election was this:
The blue states that destroyed themselves with so-called “science” that had zero support in the Western literature and instead came right out of the practice of the Communist Party of China cannot be bailed out. They must be made to feel the pain of their atrocities.
Why should sensible states have to pay for the insane policies and atrocious results of the ruin-everyone’s-lives states?
Just today, Chris Coons, the junior U.S. Senator from Delaware, emerged from a meeting with Joe Biden and said with regard to COVID relief, “Speaking for myself, if there is zero for state and local aid I think that’s a non-starter.”
This is what must be resisted at all costs, even though it’s hard to see how it can be blocked at this point.
These governments have to suffer.
They have to lose their tax base. They have to be viewed as places where nobody in his right mind would want to live.
Even the Karens screaming about your mask being below your nose take vacations in Florida, so on some level even they recognize how anti-human their home states are.

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