Presty the DJ for Sept. 28

Proving that there is no accounting for taste, here is Britain’s number one single today in 1963:

Five years later, record buyers made a much better choice:

The number one U.S. album on the same day was “Time Peace: The Rascals Greatest Hits”:

I need name neither title nor artist of the number one album today in 1974:

The number four single today in 1985:

The number one album that day was Kate Bush’s “Hounds of Love”:

The number one single today in 1991:

Birthdays begin with Ben E. King, one of the numerous lead singers of the Drifters before his solo career:

Nick St. Nicholas played bass for Steppenwolf:

Paul Burgess played drums for 10cc:

Med Lucart of Wall of Voodoo:

Moon Unit Zappa, fer sure fer sure:

One death of vote today in 1968: Dewey Phillips. Who? The first DJ to play the first record of Elvis Presley, on WHBQ in Memphis:


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