“Introducing your Beloit _______!”

Wisconsin had a whole batch of so-called “organized” minor league baseball teams.

There now are two — the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, an affiliate of the Brewers, and the Beloit Snappers.

That is, they were the Snappers (and before that the Brewers when they were a Brewers affiliate). The team is moving to a new ballpark next year, and with that they are changing their name.

To what, you ask? Well, that may depend on you. The franchise is conducting an online poll through next Friday. The five finalists, chosen out of more than 1,000 fan-submitted ideas, are:

Beloit Cheeseballs: Residing in the nation’s cheese capital, dive into the cheese life with the Beloit Cheeseballs. Producing over three billion pounds in 2019, Wisconsin has been America’s largest cheese-producing state for over 100 years straight years. The New York Times once wrote about Wisconsin that “Cheese is the state’s history, its pride, its self-deprecating, sometimes goofy, cheesehead approach to life” and the Beloit Cheeseballs will add a fun new slice to Wisconsin’s cheesy pride.
Beloit Moo: With its affectionate “America’s Dairyland” nickname, over 1.2 million dairy cows call Wisconsin home, living on more than 7,000 dairy farms across the state. Cows help power a bovine-based economy in the region, helping Wisconsin hold a leading spot in the production of cheese, milk, and agricultural products across the nation. Pay homage to the farmers whose fields surround Beloit and the cows that help feed families across America with this catchy team name.
Beloit Polka Pike: Wisconsin residents have been tapping their toes to polka, the state’s official dance, as long as they’ve been pulling fearsome pike from the Rock River. Grab your accordion and your fishing pole and head to the ballpark where every night will be a music-filled festival as the Polka Pike pay tribute to the river that neighbors the stadium and the state’s history.
Beloit Sky Carp: A slang term for a goose that would rather stay home in Beloit in the winter than migrate south, the Sky Carp name whimsically represents the future of our city, a flourishing, innovative town so strong that no one wants to leave. With the new stadium’s riverside views, flyovers from flocks of sky carp will be common at games for years to come. Join the gaggle of geese fans as this creative team name takes flight next year.
Beloit Supper Clubbers: From relish trays to Old Fashioneds, supper clubs represent an iconic and traditional part of our region’s culinary character. Just like our new ballpark will, supper clubs serve as a popular gathering spot for families young and old, offering great food, great music, and great times night after night. Join the club and place your order for extra fun in 2021.

Two are dairy-based, which puts them in competition with two one-time Timber Rattlers alternates:

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The Timber Holsteins?

Wisconsin Udder Tuggers: Timber Rattlers rebrand makes a splash

That isn’t even close to the ultimate T-Rats alternate …

Wisconsin Brats Lineup & Game Notes: June 9, 2018 | by Christopher J Mehring | Rattler Radio

… the Wisconsin Brats.



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