Wisconsin makes the New York Times, and it’s not about politics (but it is)

The graphic du jour comes from the New York Times:

About The Times, Tom Woods:

Every once in a while a bit of truth leaks out from the New York Times.
Don’t worry, though: the next day the Times will just pretend they never said it, and continue with the official nonsense.
So on one day they’ll say: lockdowns are going to lead to 1.4 million excess TB deaths, 500,000 excess HIV deaths, and 385,000 excess malaria deaths over the next five years.
Then the next day they’ll say: lockdowns sure are super.
Or one day they’ll say: up to 90 percent of all so-called “cases” of COVID turn out to be of people who are not infectious, because in America the tests have been calibrated to be absurdly sensitive.
Then the next day they’ll say: look at all the cases in the Midwest! Panic!
[Tuesday] there were 38,000 new “cases” in the United States.
That means as many as 34,200 people who are not infectious were forced to quarantine — with all the dislocation and wealth destruction that involves — for no reason.
[Today] it will have been six months since “15 days to slow the spread.”
Meanwhile, Adar Poonawalla, chief executive of the Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccines, just said that “it’s going to take four to five years until everyone gets the vaccine on this planet.”
So the deranged “wait for a vaccine” people just got more deranged. Life-giving pleasures must now be canceled for years?
And they propose measures against the virus that clearly lead to the loss of other lives, and which take away (especially from young people, who cannot get their youth back once it’s gone) so many of the joys that make life worth living, and are therefore themselves a kind of death.
All this over a virus that clearly does not overwhelm our hospital capacity, and certainly appears to be manageable (to say the least).
The so-called experts genuinely have no idea what they’re doing, but their white coats, advanced degrees, and clipboards have superstitious Americans convinced that this particular priesthood will save them.
Punish every politico who encouraged this, and (much as I hate to say “reward” and “politico” in the same sentence) reward the handful who kept their wits about them.
I hope South Dakota booms as a result of all this.
Surely there are still some people out there who want alive. I cannot be alone in this.

I wonder when The Times will report how Gov. Tony Evers’ unconstitutional shut-down-the-state mandates and his administration’s failure to address COVID properly (as in a disease that has hospitalized 7 percent of people who test positive and killed — depending on your definition of that word — 1.32 percent of the people who test positive so far, instead of a disease that, if you believe the blathering of the Department of Health Services, will kill 100 percent of people who test positive) killed one of Wisconsin’s iconic tourism destinations.



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