A sign of our collective foolishness

Dan Clauser passes on this graphic that explains a lot:

Of the more than 900,000 Wisconsinites who have been tested (because they feel sick, may have been exposed, or took advantage of free testing ), as of Wednesday 5.66 percent have tested positive for COVID-19. Of that group fewer than 9 percent have been sick enough to be hospitalized (and fewer than one-third of that group has been sick enough to go to an intensive care unit). The percentage of those who tested positive and died is less than 2 percent and dropping. And for that we have blown up the economy, thrown people into economic destitution, and tranpled on constitutional rights. One wonders what the next pandemic will bring after this one ends after Election Day.

Gary Probst adds:

Fear of death becomes hysteria for people with no religious belief system. Ever notice how often radicals will say they wish you were dead? For them, that’s the worst thing. For a believer, it’s more like, oh well.

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